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At Mike’s Hard Money, we focus on the needs and success of our local Northern Colorado real estate investors. In times like these where money is tough to come by, especially for real estate investors, you now have a source of local funds to work with for your deals. You are looking for ways to quickly and easily fund your deals that make sense, you have found your solution with Mike’s Hard Money! We are creative and have enjoyed helping investors make money, especially in this market. Feel free to call anytime to share investment war stories and contacts. 970-430-5533


Richard Taranow has been investing and helping others buy homes in the Fort Collins market for the last 35 years. After lending private money for over 10 years, he is always looking forward to working with savvy investors.

Mike Vogel has been investing in Northern Colorado for the past 5 years. He began his career in lending as a conventional mortgage broker, but found that it was too constraining and tiresome doing conventional loans. He slowly merged over to hard money lending and has been working with Richard to build a reputable, one-stop-shop for real estate investors including and educational arm:Investment Club of the Rockies, a financing arm: Mike’s Hard Money and The Financing Group (conventional loans), a real estate brokerage arm: High Street Real Estate, and a Credit repair arm: Wellness Credit.